DOMO Helmet

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Our Domo helmet is light and ventilated. A helmet with fine lines and elegant colours adapted to your most professional needs. Its ventilated structure enables hard days riding in the sun without compromising comfort and protection. Its micrometric ,Modo closure and Incage system provide the extra security you need.
Let nothing get in your way and enjoy pushing your performance to the limit.


Garantizado pago seguro y protegido

  • Extraordinarily comfortable cycling helmet
  • Ideal for long distances or high-temperature situations
  • Domo ,micrometric fit system and ArrowHead dividers
  • Large frontal ventilation area and 360° Airflow Architecture for constant airflow
  • InCage internal reinforcement skeleton for improved impact response

Internal helmet design comprised of channels that connect the front and rear openings. The large frontal openings enable large volumes of air to enter. Thanks to the continuity of its internal tunnels, effective air circulation is achieved. Whereby air in contact with the head is constantly renewed, thus transferring excess heat to the rear openings. This provides excellent cooling and superior aerodynamic performance compared to conventional internal structures.

The Arrow Head system enables the lateral sliding straps to be adjusted perfectly and also guarantees excellent ergonomics. An innovative system that influences cyclist comfort and safety.


To establish the ideal size, measure your head's circumference, as indicated in the image.
Each helmet specifies the appropriate measurements for each size in centimetres.

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DOMO Helmet

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