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The Dharma helmet has a pedigree. A best-seller that’s popular with bicycle tourists and demanding professionals alike. The logical outcome of combining safety, comfort and low weight.

The Dharma’s Supercage structure is as solid as it is light. Enabling the inclusion of much larger front ventilation grilles. It’s fantastic: less weight, more ventilation, but just as safe. What’s more, the helmet interior includes Conehead® dual-density foam technology. It the event of an impact, the helmet provides progressing energy absorption. Not so much marketing, the guardian angel of cyclists worldwide.


Garantizado pago seguro y protegido

  • Highly compact cycling helmet with excellent ventilation
  • Designed for high-intensity sessions or high temperatures
  • Supercage structure to improve front air entry
  • Conehead® technology with dual density foam for better shock absorption
  • Removable visor and extra set of bug guards. Enclosed shell available separately

Technology that enables the injection of dual-density foam into helmets. The high-density zone is in the outer part to absorb impact. The low-density zone, softer for low impact areas closer to the head to reduce the effect of peak deceleration caused by impacts.

Stiff, removable and closed shell. Improves aerodynamic performance, enabling the energy generated by the cyclist to be more efficiently used. It also provides effective protection against adverse weather conditions such as rain, cold and/or wind.

The Arrow Head system enables the lateral sliding straps to be adjusted perfectly and also guarantees excellent ergonomics. An innovative system that influences cyclist comfort and safety.

This product has earned EC certification, meeting the technical and quality criteria set out in the corresponding approval.


To establish the ideal size, measure your head's circumference, as indicated in the image.
Each helmet specifies the appropriate measurements for each size in centimetres.

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